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  • Seoul to Cut Airport Bus Fare by 1,000 Won for 17 Bus Routes

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will reduce the fare of the airport limousine bus to Incheon International Airport by 1,000 won starting in January 2017 for the first time since the opening of Incheon International Airport in 2001. In addition, Seoul expanded the family discount system to all airport bus routes to Incheon International Airport.

    The fare cuts will be applied to 17 routes excluding the five routes operated by KAL Limousine, some of the luxury airport limousine buses to Incheon International Airport. The fare for transportation cards and ticket users will be reduced by 1,000 won.

    In addition, the family discount system, in which one person can use the airport limousine bus free of charge when three or more direct family members who are accompanying minors use the transportation, will also be expanded. The airport bus fare reduction and the extension of the discount system will be applied starting on January 20th, 2017, after going through procedures for reporting of the airport bus fare changes.

    Contents of Rate Adjustment

    □ The current status of luxury airport limousine buses to Incheon International Airport

    (Unit: won)

    Division Bus
    Departure Point and Destination Current
    (In general)
    Change (proposed) Note
    Departure Point Destination Transportation cards and tickets
    Luxury type 6001 Incheon Airport Dongdaemun 15,000 14,000 Apply current fare for cash payment
    6005 Incheon Airport Insadong 15,000 14,000
    6010 Incheon Airport Wangsimni 15,000 14,000
    6015 Incheon Airport Myeong-dong Station 15,000 14,000
    6017 Incheon Airport Seoul National University Hoam Faculty House 15,000 14,000
    6018 Incheon Airport Sindorim D-Cube City 15,000 14,000
    6019 Incheon Airport Naebang Station 15,000 14,000
    6030 Incheon Airport Capital Hotel 15,000 14,000
    6006 Incheon Airport Jamsil (Mongchontoseong Station) 15,000 14,000
    6009 Incheon Airport Irwon-dong 15,000 14,000
    6020 Incheon Airport Teheran-ro (Yeoksam Station) 15,000 14,000
    6200 Incheon Airport Hanam (Hwangsan) 15,000 14,000
    6300 Incheon Airport Godeok-dong 15,000 14,000
    6500 Incheon Airport The K Hotel Seoul 15,000 14,000
    6103 Incheon Airport City Airport 15,000 14,000
    6100 Incheon Airport Mangu Station 15,000 14,000
    6101 Incheon Airport Surak Terminal 15,000 14,000

    ※ Family discount system applies to all 36 routes including regular airport buses

    □ Family Discount Application Example

    Family discount application
    ○ Number of people using the bus: 2 adults, 1 youth
    ○ Fare: 14,000 won / person
    ○ Charged fare: 14,000 won × 2 people = 28,000 won
    ○ Discount: 14,000 won (33% discount), ※ 28,000 won discount for round trip