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  • Seoul Culture Night A Night-Long Festival from August 28 to 29

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    Once a year, an overnight festival showcasing the culture of Seoul is held in the city. This year, the 8th Seoul Culture Night will be held from August 28 (Fri) to 29 (Sat) in various parts of Seoul, including Seoul Plaza and the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

    Seoul Culture Night, held for the eighth time this year, will feature the programs that have been most appreciated and enjoyed by Seoul citizens at past festivals, such as “Camping in Seoul Plaza,” where Seoul citizens spend the night at Seoul Plaza in tents with their families and friends, and the “Culture Tour ,” where citizens tour the city’s unique neighborhoods and alleys, including Seochon, Dongsung-dong, and Haebangchon, on a nice, cool summer night.

    In cooperation with the festival, the Seoul Museum of History, Seoul Museum of Art, and other cultural spaces in Seoul will extend their operating hours to 10 p.m.

    As a special feature of this year’s event, 15 world music musicians will perform throughout the night, from 7:30 p.m. on the 28th to 5 a.m. on the 29th, and special programs featuring traditional Korean culture, plays, and musical instruments will be held, such as a modern interpretation of Baekjung Nori (Baekjung Festival) and Ganggangsullae, a traditional Korean circle dance performed under the moonlight to traditional Korean music.

    This year’s festival, held under the theme “Seoul Summer Night Cultural Recharge,” will consist of four different programs: Seoul Baekjung Nori (at Seoul Plaza), Night Owl Festival (at Dongdaemun Design Plaza), Citizens’ Plaza (at Seoul Plaza), and Cultural Excursion (at various locations in Seoul). Citizens are free to participate in the programs according to their preferences and schedules.

    The “Camping in Seoul Plaza” event will be held at Seoul Plaza from 3 p.m. on August 29 (Sat) to 9 a.m. on August 30 (Sun). A total of 150 tents will be available, each accommodating four people, and reservations will be open until August 12 (Wed). This year, participatory cultural events for citizens, a book concert, and various side programs will be held for citizens, further adding to the excitement of the overnight camping experience.

    “Cultural Excursion” consists of eight tours of different areas in Seoul, held at different times and dates, in which citizens can reserve up to two spots. As the tours vary by date, time, and number of participants, anyone wishing to participate should check the details of each tour in advance.

    ▶ Official Website : www.seoulculturenight.com

    ▶ Official Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/seoulopenweek

    ▶ Inquiries: Management Office ☎ 02-6462-7420~4


    【 Photos of the 7th Seoul Culture Night (2014) 】

    ◆ Night Owl Festival (Seoul Music Festival)

    culture_1_1 culture_1_2 culture_1_3
    △ Seoul Music Festival △ Seoul Music Festival △ Seoul Music Festival

    ◆ Citizens’ Plaza

    culture_2_1 culture_2_2 culture_2_3
    △ Picnic in the Plaza △ Camping in the Plaza △ Picnic in the Plaza

    ◆ Cultural Excursion

    culture_3_1 culture_3_2 culture_3_3
    △ Night Tour of Naksan Fortress Dulle-gil △ Stories of the Seoul City Wall in Seongbuk △ Dongdaemun Night Tour