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  • Seoul Continues International Support in 2020 With 127 Emergency Vehicles to 11 Countries So Far

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters announced that it will provide a total of eight used emergency vehicles to foreign countries for free-six to Cambodia and two to Kyrgyzstan.
    The Seoul Metropolitan Government provided 127 emergency vehicles to 11 countries up until last year. This year, it will send a total of eight fire trucks-six to Cambodia and two to Kyrgyzstan until the end of September.
    ○ There have been 12 countries that have received support, including the Philippines, Mongolia, Peru, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Indonesia, Laos, North Korea, and Kyrgyzstan.
    ○ The emergency vehicles are repaired before they are sent to each country. The shipping cost is partly paid by both the SMG (foreign cooperation funds) and the country receiving support.
    So far, the types of emergency vehicles that have been sent to other countries are pumpers, water tank trucks, command cars, rescue buses, ambulances, rescue trucks, chemical fire trucks, and safety experience trucks.

    Pumper Water Tank Truck Command Car
    Rescue Bus Ambulance Rescue Truck

    With the purpose of transmitting the world’s top “disaster control know-how of the SMG” to cities overseas, the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters have been providing neighboring countries, such as those in Middle Asia, with used emergency vehicles since 2012.
    ○ A total of 127 emergency vehicles have been given away from 2012 to 2018, including ▴ 20 pumpers, ▴ 18 water tank trucks, ▴ 3 chemical fire trucks, ▴ 6 rescue buses, ▴ 73 ambulances, ▴ 1 safety experience truck, and▴ 6 command cars.
    This is the first year that Kyrgyzstan will receive emergency vehicles from the SMG. Currently, there are 43,126 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kyrgyzstan and 1,057 deaths (as of August 25; total population of 6.26 million). As the country is facing difficulties dealing with the infectious disease, the SMG has plans to pass on two ambulances in September, followed by one pumper and one water tank truck later on.
    Additionally, the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters will provide the recipient countries with the “COVID-19 Response Video Manual” that is being distributed overseas, as well as “Emergency Vehicle Operation Manual” translated into the target languages.