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  • Seoul to Conduct Special Inspections of Animal Products In Preparation for the New Year’s Holiday Season

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 2577


    In preparation for the increased sales of animal products during the New Year’s holiday season, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will be conducting special inspections throughout the city to ensure the quality of products being sold. The inspections will be conducted in collaboration with related consumer organizations and will be conducted at department stores, discount chain stores, traditional markets, and wholesale markets.

    Inspections will focus primarily on rectifying the following: ▲disguising and selling regular dairy cows and beef cows as “Korean Beef (Hanu),”▲falsely indicating the quality of products, ▲displaying and storing expired products to sell, ▲improperly storing frozen products, ▲failing to properly record transactional information and production work, ▲failing to properly record the production history of beef, and/or ▲failing to maintain proper sanitation in the workplace.

    Safety inspections will pay particular attention to gift sets of animal products sold at discount chain stores, which are frequented by many Seoul citizens, and department stores, which sell luxury gift sets at higher prices. Businesses that are found to have violated the law and do not pass inspection will face strong repercussions, such as the suspension of business operations and/or fines as outlined in the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act. Any products that do not meet all safety criteria will be immediately seized and discarded on site.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government continues to strive to reduce sanitation blind spots by conducting inspections and by educating businesses handling animal products about proper sanitation procedures. Through these measures, the Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes to ensure the health of each and every Seoul citizen.