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  • Seoul Concludes MOU with Audi Volkswagen Korea for School Green Areas

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    Seoul signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Audi Volkswagen Korea and Korea Social Investment, for the “Green Dreaming School Route Project” that will promote pleasant and safe environments around schools.

    Through this agreement, every year over the next three years, from this year until 2021, a minimum of one area will be selected from school routes for elementary, middle, and high schools in Seoul most likely to produce the best results, to create a green space for environmental improvement and expand green culture in mutual cooperation.

    The “Green Dreaming School Route Project” is a project that improves the pedestrian environment by creating a green belt for students, who may be otherwise exposed to traffic accidents and various sicknesses from air pollution and fine dust, to grow safely and healthily. The project will be implemented by 2021, with a total cost of approximately one billion KRW over the three years.

    Project locations for consideration are ▲sites in which roadside trees and green belts can be developed, ▲sites in which green fences and retaining walls can be installed, and ▲sites in which the walking area and green space can be secured by reducing the number or width of traffic lanes.

    As result of promoting various urban green space projects linked with corporate social responsibility, Seoul produced substantial results attracting private capital of approximately 12 billion KRW from 153 businesses over the past six years.

    Conclusion of “Green Dreaming School Route Project” MOU

    Seoul plans to reduce air pollution in school routes and improve the environment through the signing of a “Green Dreaming School Route Project” agreement with Audi Volkswagen Korea and Korea Social Investment as part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of businesses concerning the ‘Seoul, a Blooming Flower’ campaign.

    • Agreement Overview
      • ○ Date and Time: 15:00~15:30, January 22 (Tuesday), 2019
      • ○ Location: Mugyo Annex 9th floor conference room
      • ○ Parties of Agreement: Seoul Metropolitan Government, Audi Volkswagen Korea, Korea Social Investment
    • Agreement Details
      • ○ Mutual cooperation of the Green Dreaming School Route Project
        • – Agreement Term: May 31, 2019 –2021 (three years)
        • – Details: Environmental improvement of green space along elementary, middle, and high school routes (one billion KRW)
      • ○ Role Distribution
        • – Seoul Metropolitan Government: Cooperative project planning, administrative support, and project promotion
          (Site support through deliberation with autonomous districts, various licensing procedures, administrative support)
        • – Audi Volkswagen Korea: Cooperative project planning, project management, and budget support
        • – Korea Social Investment: Establishment of detailed plans, project execution, expert consulting
    • Order of Progression
      Order of Progression
      14:40 Arrival of Visitors
      (20′) Discussion ◦Venue: Green Seoul Bureau Office
      ◦Attendants: Director of Bureau, Audi Volkswagen Korea, Group President, Korea Social Investment Representative
      15:00 Agreement Ceremony (20′) ◦Venue: Mugyo Annex 9th floor Conference Room
      (3′) Opening and Guest Introduction ◦Chairperson: Head of Landscape Planning Division
      (7′) Greeting ◦Order: Audi Volkswagen Korea, Korea Social Investment, Seoul Metropolitan Government
      (5′) Agreement Signing and Exchange ◦ Audi Volkswagen Korea, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea Social Investment
      (5′) Commemoration Photo ◦ Audi Volkswagen Korea, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea Social Investment
      15:20 Closing of Agreement Ceremony

    ※ Agreement ceremony conclusion photos to be delivered after event