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  • Seoul completes flood damage prevention measures for 12 flood prone districts in three years

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government spent three years, from 2013 to 2015, building flood damage prevention structures for 12 of the 34 flood prone districts in Seoul, including the Sinchon Rotary and Seolleung Station areas. The approximately 40,000 households living in these areas now no longer need to worry about their homes being flooded on an annual basis.

    As a preliminary step in its new effort to protect Seoul from flood damage following the record rainfalls in the summers of 2010 and 2011, Seoul Metropolitan Government designated 34 flood prone districts throughout the city. These have been further classified into three categories based on the amount of rainfall they have received: special management districts (11), priority management districts (16), and miscellaneous districts (7).

    In-depth analyses were conducted on the causes of flooding in each of these districts, and tailor-made solutions were developed for each one, such as maintenance work on streams (rivers) and sewage systems, installation of new or additional rainwater pumping stations, construction of rainwater storage and drainage facilities, adjustment of boundaries of drainage areas, and installation of basin separation tunnels. These solutions are currently being implemented in stages.

    In 2015, flood damage prevention work was completed in three districts: the Sinchon Rotary area (maintenance work on 1.14 kilometers of sewage pipes), the Seongdae Market area in Sangdo-dong (installation of 1.3 kilometers of underdrain along Daebangcheon Stream), and the Pungnap 1- and 2-dong Community Service Center area (maintenance work on 4.99 kilometers of incurrent canals at the Pungnap Pumping Station).

    In 2013, the construction of flood damage prevention facilities was completed in five districts (Guui-dong and Jayang-dong area, Myeonmok-dong area, Miasamgeori area, Jangwi-dong area, and Gasan Digital Complex), followed by four more districts in 2014 (Younglim Elementary School area in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Jangan 1-dong Community Service Center area, Seolleung Station area, and Euljiro 1-ga Station area). In 2015, construction work in an additional 3 districts was completed, bringing the total to 12 districts over a three year period.

    In 2016, Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue the project by building flood damage prevention facilities in five more districts, and expects to complete the facilities for the remaining 17 districts by 2019.

    침수_1 침수_2
    Dorimcheon Stream area (Sillim 2 Rainwater Pumping Station, built in 2015) Siheung Intersection area (Siheung Stream recycling facility, built in 2015)
    침수_3 침수_4
    Seongdae Market area in Sangdo-dong (underdrain along Daebangcheon Stream, installed in 2015) Rainwater storage and drainage facility in Sinwol-dong (to be completed in 2017)