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  • Seoul City’s “Seoul Welcome Week 2018”

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    Seoul City’s “Seoul Welcome Week 2018”

    To celebrate the beginning of the high tourist season starting in early May, Seoul City will be holding the “Seoul Welcome Week 2018” until May 5th. This year’s events will be particularly remarkable as the city will put in place a large-screen and a fixed stage, as well as operate various promotional booths to provide foreign tourists with a variety of visual entertainment and experiences about Korean culture, performances, beauty, and more.

    Visitors will be able to experience various events starting from a “K-Beauty Make-Up Class” held by none other than a makeup artist who usually works with famous Korean idols, to a “K-Beauty Styling Class” during which a celebrities’ stylist will share tips and make tourists look as if they have walked straight out of a Korean TV show. Not to mention the mini-fashion shows, Korean traditional music ft. B-boy performances, Taekwondo presentations, musicals, guitar shows, and many other busking events that are expected.

    2018 Culture Seoul Meet the spring at Seoul Plaza during lunch time!
    Seoul City’s “Seoul Welcome Week 2018” Seoul City’s “Seoul Welcome Week 2018”

    Seoul City has prepared diverse programs for the Welcome Week.

    First, signs in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai saying “Welcome to Seoul” will be projected on the big screens of the entrance hall at Incheon International Airport and at Gimpo International Airport’s Tourist Information Desk to give the tourists a warm welcome as soon as they enter the country.

    Second, during Welcome Week (4.25 – 5.5, 11am – 8pm) welcoming centers will be installed in the five most popular tourist spots – Cheonggye Plaza, Myeongdong, Namsan, Hongdae, and Gangnam COEX – to provide tourists with both information and entertainment (Cheonggye Plaza 5.1 – 5.5, Gangnam COEX 4.27 – 5.5).

    • ○ The following are a few of the events that will be prepared at the centers:
      A “Photo Event” during which tourists who visit the center will be able to have their picture taken with a social media frame; a “Postcard Event” through which tourists will have the opportunity to write a message on a postcard portraying Seoul’s scenery and sending it abroad; a “Gift Event” during which tourists will receive a suitcase nametag with a Korean traditional background image, or be given a Korean name, Welcome Week stickers, and more; and a “Photo-of-a-lifetime Event” that will help tourists get a perfect shot to remember Seoul in the most memorable way.
    • ○ In addition, foreign language-speaking staff will be dispatched to the welcoming centers to provide tourist information and help for the convenience of the tourists visiting the area.
    Third, seven travel agencies will hold a Tourism Contents Experience Zone in Cheonggye Plaza during five days from May 1st (Tue) to 5th (Sat). On top of events such as K-Beauty events, Korean traditional music ft. B-boy and Taekwondo performances, many other various events such as experience programs and busking acts are organized to encourage the visitors’ direct participation and make the experiences more enjoyable.

    • ○ On May 1st, tourist will be able to have a K-beauty experience with the help of a makeup artist that works with the likes of Korean idols such as Suzy and TWICE while learning everything about K-beauty during a “K-Beauty Make-Up Class.”
    • ○ On May 5th, a stylist who works closely with actors will share the secrets of looking like a Korean movie star, and style visitors on the spot through a “K-Beauty Styling Class” and a “Mini Fashion Show.”

    At Cheonggye Plaza’s Tourism Contents Experience Zone, in addition to information at the welcoming center, business services that allow the use of information research and IT devices will also be provided. Meanwhile, a Trick Eye Zone, Photo Zone, Lucky draw and other events will be organized for the visitors’ entertainment.

    Fourth, Seoul City Tour Bus will have a 20% discount to jump start the Welcome Week, and the companies that were selected as “Excellent Tourist Start-Ups” by Seoul City last year – Buxi and I-Trip (SAFEX) – will also be offering discounts during this special week.

    • Seoul City Bus Tour will offer a 20% discount coupon to tourists who visit the welcoming centers during one week from April 28th to May 4th. The coupons may only be used at the ticket booths in Gwanghwamun Gate and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

    Welcoming centers: Period of Operation and Location (Business Hours 11am – 8pm)

    Number Area Location Period of Operation
    1 Cheonggye Plaza Cheonggye Plaza 5. 1(Tue) – 5.5(Sat)
    2 Myeongdong Myeongdong Station
    (in front of exit 6)
    4.25(Wed) – 5.5(Sat)
    3 Namsan Namsan Seoul Tower Plaza 4.25(Wed) – 5.5(Sat)
    4 Hongdae Hongdae Walking Street 4.25(Wed) – 5.5(Sat)
    5 Gangnam COEX COEX
    (East Gate)
    4.27(Fri) – 5.5(Sat)