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  • Seoul City’s model policies introduced worldwide via New York City and ADB

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    Model policies adopted by Seoul City, such as T-money, integrated fare discounts for passengers transferring between subway and bus, eco mileage, and the Seoul Welfare Standards, have been introduced worldwide through international organizations such as the Asia Development Bank (ADB), the UN, and New York City.

    The ADB introduced Seoul City’s public transportation policies to 57 member countries through its social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter) and newsletter in August 2014.

    Seoul City expects that the introduction of its model policies will help developing countries find solutions to the problems they are currently facing. The ADB works to promote economic growth and collaboration among developing countries in Asia by providing loans and technological assistance.

    <The ADB sites that introduced the model policies adopted by Seoul City >

    In April and May of 2014, New York City introduced several policies of Seoul City, such as the Seoul Welfare Standard and eco mileage, through the Global Partners website (http://www.nyc.gov/html/ia/gp/html/gphome/home.shtml)Partners is an institution working to share matters of common interest, including those concerning tourism, safety, and technology, with over 100 cities around the world.

    An increasing number of international organizations and cities in foreign countries have been asking Seoul City for information on the excellent policies it has adopted, particularly those concerning transportation, environment, and public welfare. As a result, Seoul City has shared its public transportation policies with a total of six international organizations, including the UN, and its eco mileage-related policies with four cities, including New York, as well as with international organizations.

    For example, Cities Alliance, established with the support of UN-Habitat and the World Bank, asked Seoul City to share its policy solutions, including the background for promotion, how the policies were executed, and the amount of funds spent, saying that such information would greatly help developing countries resolve their current problems.

    Seoul City is also using webtoon-style booklets to publicize its policy experiences and administration-related expertise.

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