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  • Seoul City’s Hangang Spring Flower Festival from April 1st

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    Seoul City’s Hangang Spring Flower Festival from April 1st

    Seoul will be hosting the Spring Flower Festival for 51 days from April 1st to May 21st, spanning along the Hangang Park. During this festival, visitors will be able to enjoy a multitude of cultural events featuring spring flowers in bloom.

    ① Enjoy Various Flowers including Forsythias, Cherry Blossoms, Canola Flowers, Multiflora Roses & Roses
    Forsythia and cherry blossoms will start filling the banks of the Hangang River from April 1st, canola from the beginning of May, and multiflora roses and roses from mid-May. The spring flower road will spread over a total distance of 42km following along the primary vegetated areas and bicycle lanes, filling the air with a floral aroma. Meanwhile, the Eungbongsan Forsythia Festival is scheduled to take place from April 6th to the 8th. The queen of spring flowers, the cherry blossom, is waiting for you. The spectacular Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, during which the whole of Yeouiseo-ro is overlooked by Yoshino cherry blossoms in full bloom, planned to be from April 7th to the 12th. On the 6th and 7th, the Yeouido Floating Stage is scheduled to host the Hangang Spring Concert and the Hangang Cherry Blossom Concert.

    Hangang Park’s premiere spring flower attraction, the Banpo Hangang Park’s Seoraeseom, are draped in a crisp-yellow each May amid the canola in bloom. The Hangang Seoraeseom Canola Festival will open from May 5th to the 6th to make for an alluring contrast between the deep-blue Hangang River and the crisp-yellow of the Seoraeseom Island.

    ② Take in the Unique Spring Festival Atmosphere of the Hangang River
    Every Friday and Saturday, free regular performances and exhibitions will be held at the Yeouido Floating Stage and Gwangjingyo 8th Avenue, amid a series of 100 artist performances made available throughout the entirety of the park.

    Large-scale cultural festivals will also take place, such as the Have a Nice Day Festival (April 14th and 15th), the Live Music Festival (May 5th), and the Youth Festival 2018 (May 12th and 13th).

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    Cherry Blossoms (Yeouido) Hangang Spring Flower Road
    Cherry Blossoms (Yeouido) Hangang Spring Flower Road
    Canola Flowers (Seoraeseom) Canola Flowers (Seoraeseom)
    Canola Flowers (Seoraeseom)
    Multiflora Rose (Gangseo, Gwangnaru) Rose (Yanghwa)
    Multiflora Rose (Gangseo, Gwangnaru) Rose (Yanghwa)