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Official Promotional Film

  • Seoul city’s 2019 official promotional film with soprano Sumi Jo

  • Official Promotional Film SMG 1704
    Sumi Jo NA) Music always embraces an era.
    It holds the time, space, and scenery of the city that we love.
    Chapter 1. A city in which you want to stay
    alt) Seoul is a truly special city.
    Woman NA) This trail is an old railroad track that instead of being torn down, was completely reformed. The city has created a sense of ease and romance I have forgotten, and it surprises me every time I experience it.
    Sumi Jo NA) You see, what another perfect reason to stay.

    Chapter 2. A city in which you want to live
    Foreign Man NA) I moved to Seoul, and now live and work here. I was very impressed with this culture that maintains original aspects while adding a new sense.
    Korean Housewife NA) It’s because empathy is what matters.
    People-centered values that prioritize the happiness of everyone are found across Seoul where tradition and the present coexist. A warm sense of feeling as if the warmth of nature is sent(?) to the city.
    Sumi Jo NA) That warm feeling… Isn’t that a great reason to live in Seoul?

    Chapter 3. A city in which you want to invest
    Man NA) I think Seoul is filled with more energy than any other city. Such energy becomes the possibilities of the future. Various attempts to connect individuals and businesses create new business opportunities and it makes Seoul a city where creative investments are possible with advanced 5G technologies!
    Others NA) More creative, more dynamic, more refreshing, and more passionate city
    Sumi Jo NA) Seoul, a special city for you and me.

    “Seoul, a special city for you and me!” The world-renowned Soprano Sumi Jo will introduce you to diverse charms of Seoul city. Seoul, a city of infinite possibilities where everyone wants to stay, live and invest! Now, it’s your turn to enjoy Seoul.