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  • Seoul City upgrades its GIS Portal System

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    In order to support the growing number of foreign tourists and students in the capital, Seoul City added Simplified Chinese and Japanese-language location-based services to its geography information service (GIS) portal system (gis.seoul.go.kr). It had previously been offered in Korean and English, only. The system allows users to determine the location of an object and access some general information about it from the GIS portal system or use a menu of the Web site.

    The portal system also enables foreigners to locate hospitals, banks, hotels and restaurants as well as performance theaters and rest rooms. Also, it offers live video streaming services for many tourist attractions in Seoul.

    In addition, the GIS Portal System provided by Seoul City features a statistics-based map service based on the city’s 2009 statistical survey. Using Flex* technology, the system offers a sophisticated mapping service that combines the city’s administrative information with various charts and analytical functions. Users can download such information and save it as an Excel file. The mapping service is linked with statistical data from the last 6 years.

    Flex*: a technology that allows the development of powerful Internet applications to replace the traditional applications based on Web browsers that don’t allow programmers to develop complicated user interfaces, such as charts and graphs.