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  • Seoul City Tour Bus Connects Gangnam and Gangbuk

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    A new Seoul City Tour Bus is being implemented, connecting the Gangbuk and Gangnam routes. From April 1st, with one ticket discounted by 75%, you can transfer between the panorama route in Gangbuk and the circle route in Gangnam at Gangnam Station and the Floating Island.

    The panorama route, which starts at Gwanghwamun, stops at Namsan Mountain – the Floating Island – the 63 building – Hongdae, and returns to Gwanghwamun, now has additional stops at Gangnam Station and Noryangjin Fish Market from April 1st. Passing by the Namsan Ring Road lined with cherry blossoms and the stretch of the Han River, the route is gaining popularity among those going on picnics or dates. Transfer to the Gangnam ring route has been available since April 1st. As a result, the number of passengers is expected to increase.

    The Gangnam ring route, which used to be operated only within Gangnam-gu, was extended to Seocho-gu, adding tourist attractions such as the Floating Island, the Express Bus Terminal, Seorae Village, and Seoul National University of Education (Court and Public Prosecutors’ Office) Station to its stops.

    As a result, a tourist who departs from Gangbuk on the panorama route is now able to transfer to the Gangnam ring route at Gangnam Station and the Floating Island to see the top destinations in Gangnam and Seocho, including Garosu-gil Street, Korean Wave Stars Street, Coex Mall, the Express Bus Terminal, and Seorae Village. On the route, a trolley bus has been added, so now three buses in total are being operated, with no increasing service intervals despite the extension of the route.

    Domestic and foreign tourists in the southern area of Gyeonggi Province including Yongin and Suji are now be able to take the bus from Gangnam Station, which is closer than Gangbuk, and transfer to the Gangbuk panorama route. This is expected to increase demand for the bus.

    Also, celebrating the opening of the transfer between the Gangnam and Gangbuk routes, transfer tickets are discounted up to 75% until the end of June. Purchasing tickets separately for an adult for the panorama route (KRW 15,000) and the ring route (KRW 12,000) costs KRW 27,000 total, but one transfer ticket only costs KRW 18,000.

    ※ Panorama Route (15,000 won) + Gangnam Ring Route (3,000 won, 75% discount)
    ※Gangnam Ring Route (12,000 won) + Panorama Route (6,000 won, 60% discount)

    In the case of using only the ring route, the ticket costs 5,000 won, 7,000 won discounted from the normal fare of 12,000 won.

    □ Overview of Panorama Route and Gangnam Ring Route

    Route Extension(Time) Hours of Operation Service Interval Vehicles of Operation Major Stops
    Panorama 40.5km
    (110 min.)
    09:30 –
    40 min Double
    Decker (2),
    Trolley (2)
    Gwanghwamun (First Stop) –Myeong-dong – Animation Center – Namsan Cable Car – Hilton Hotel – Namsan Library – Hyatt Hotel – Gangnam Station – Floating Island – Noryangjin Fish Market – 63 Building – Yeouinaru Station –Hongdae – Airport Railroad (Hongdae Station) – Ewha Woman’s Univ. – The Museum of Agriculture – Seoul Museum of History – Sejong Center – Gwanghwamun (Last Stop)
    Ring Route
    (90 min.)
    10:00 –
    40 min. Trolley (3) Gangnam Station (First Stop) – Yeongdong Market – Sinsa Station – Garosu-gil Street (North) – Tourist Information Center – Rodeo Street – Cheongdam-dong Intersection – Bongeunsa Temple – Coex – Samseong Station – Seven Luck Casino – Korean Wave Stars Street – Tourist Information Center – Garosu-gil Street (North) – Floating Island – Express Bus Terminal – Seoul Ntnl’ Univ. of Education Station – Samsung Town – Gangnam Station (Last Station)


    Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market starts at Yeouido in March 2016 and will gradually expand to DDP and Cheonggye Plaza in May and Mokdong Stadium in July.

    The first night market of 2016 will open at Cascade Plaza, Han River Park on the 31st. Under the theme of “Overnight World Travel,” 70 general teams and 30 food trucks will participate.
    Its shopping section will provide a variety of hand-made products from all over the world. In the food section, Korea-famous food trucks will provide a variety of food including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western food, which will showcase the young chefs’ pride and principles.

    In the performance section, which will light up the night of the market, you can enjoy a number of spectacles, such as traditional and modern performances, busking, and guerilla performances.

    The theme of the DDP night market, which will open in May, is “Young Runway & Dancing Night,” which will cover mainly visitors in their 20s. Young business owners’ innovative items, urban farmers’ produce, fashion shows, and b-boy performances will be held.

    Mokdong Stadium Night Market, which will begin in July, will embody the concept of “Leports Market- Extreme Campsite,” focusing on camping food and selling and repairing used sporting goods. You will also be able to enjoy unicycle performances and board games.

    Once the operation in each place beings, the market will meet regularly with citizens every Friday and Saturday until October. However, Cheonggye Plaza Night Market will only be held occasionally as a special seasonal market.

    □ Map of Transfer between Gangnam & Gangbuk Routes

    – Gangbuk Panorama Route – 39km, 2hrs
    – Gangnam Ring Route – 19.5km, 1hr 50min.