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  • Seoul City to open ‘u-Seoul’ in Chonggyecheon, Insa-dong and Seoul Forest

  • Integrated News SMG 2822

    Seoul City will run “u-Seoul,” booths designed to help citizens enjoy an experience in various places around the city, including Chonggyecheon (Stream), Insa-dong and Seoul Forest throughout the year.

    First introduced in 2008, the booth will enable couples to make user-created content (UCC), take pictures, make their own photo albums, and send them to a personal email account.

    Media boards set up in Chyeonggyecheon and Insa-dong are already drawing a good response from foreign travelers by offering diverse information on cultural activities, transportation, shops, and restaurants in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

    Seoul City plans to establish WiFi zones in the three areas to enable citizens to log onto a wireless Internet connection with their smart phones, laptops and tablet PCs.

    A similar “ubiquitous” system has also been applied to health care. Seoul City opened the ‘u-Health Park Center’ in Seoul Forest to help families get medical checks on such things as blood pressure, body shape, weight, and muscular strength.