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  • Seoul City to increase number of car-sharing-only parking lots to provide easier access

  • Seoul BroadCasting News SMG 1056
    The city of Seoul plans to increase its car sharing owning parking spots to give citizens easier access to them.
    The Seoul Metropolitan Government says every public parking lot with more than ten spaces will have to set aside at least one spot for the use of the Seoul Nanum Car service.
    And this plan comes, as the capital aims to have 10,000 shared cars on the streets by the year 2022.
    Nanum Car currently offering nearly 5,000 shared cars, plans to double its fleet and become a means of “quasi-public transportation.”
    Established in 2013, Nanum Car has been growing in popularity, recording more than 210,000 users last year.

    Reporter : junghwanwon@arirang.com.