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  • Seoul City to hold concert for foreign workers and multicultural families

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    Seoul City plans to hold the “One Heart Concert” at the Mullae Art Space on Feb. 12 for foreign workers and multicultural families living in Korea.

    The two-hour concert will be comprised of singing, dancing, a magic show, a rock band and teuroteu medley and will be mostly led by citizens and Twitterians from planning to performance.

    Seoul City helped its citizens organize and promote the concert through its Twitter account @seoulmania, while reaching out to the Seoul City Migrants Center for its cooperation in encouraging the participation of foreign workers and multicultural families. It also asked for citizen participation through Twitter and its blog sites.

    This is not the first time that Seoul City has put into action the wishes of its citizens expressed through its Twitter account.

    Seoul City received a total of 117 “wishes” from its citizens through its Twitter “Tell-me-your-wish campaign” from Dec. 13 to Jan. 24. Of these, three were selected and put into action to realize the dreams of four citizens. The “One Heart Concert” was the third wish on the wish list.