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  • Seoul City to create a 200-kilometer trekking trail connecting the mountains surrounding the city

  • Integrated News SMG 5100

    In 2012, Seoul City will create a 200-kilometer trekking trail by linking eight major inner and outer mountains that surround the city, including the Dulle-gil of Bukhansan (Mt.).

    The 200-kilometer trekking course is expected to allow citizens and tourists to walk along a hilly trail that highlights Seoul’s culture, history and natural landscape. The course will consist of three sections: an inner mountain trekking course, an outer mountain trekking course and the Dulle-gil of Bukhansan National Park in the center of Seoul.

    The 20-kilometer inner mountain trekking course, which would require around a 13 hour walk to complete, will form a cultural and historical route connecting the four inner mountains, Bugaksan, Naksan, Namsan and Inwangsan, with Seoul Seonggwak (Fortress Wall). Also, the 117-kilometer outer mountain trekking course, which would require around a 55 hour walk to complete, will be renovated into a route highlighting the natural ecosystem stretching between Bukhansan, Yongmasan, Gwanaksan and Deogyangsan.

    Seoul City signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea National Park Service on March 8 in order to boost this project, reduce its cost and relalize its full potential to citizens. Under this memorandum of understanding, the 137-kilometer inner and outer mountain trekking trails by Seoul City and the 63-kilometer Dulle-gil trekking course by Bukhansan, by the Korea National Park Service, will be connected.

    Once the Seoul trekking course has been completed, a circular road in Namsan will link to the Dulle-gil of Bukhansan. Also, the trekking course will connect to an ecosystem route in the demilitarized zone, which is currently being formed by the central government, and the Baekdudaegan, a mountain range which runs through most of the length of the Korean Peninsula. Thus, a boost in trekking is expected.