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  • Seoul City to Create a ‘Hangeul Character Zone’ Composed of Stone Inscriptions by 11,172 Citizens

  • Integrated News SMG 2013

    A symbolic space, where 11,172 people including Korean citizens and ethnic Koreans from overseas will participate in the inscription of Hangeul characters on stones, will be constructed in Seoul.

    Seoul City will start the construction of the “Hangeul Character Zone,” where 11,172 characters will be individually inscribed on stones by 11,172 citizens, at Sejongno Park near Gwanghwamun Square. The characters will be combinations of Hangeul letters, comprising choseong (initial syllable), jungseong (middle sound, or vowel), and jongseong (final syllable).

    The Hangeul Character Zone is a part of the Hangeul Maruji (landmark) project currently being implemented by Seoul City. The project calls for the development of a Hangeul Culture and Tourism Area in the Sejongdaero Gwanghwamun ~ Sejongno Sageori (intersection) district, with a view to cultivating Hangeul, Korea’s world-class cultural legacy, into a representative cultural product of the nation.

    The Hangeul Character Zone will be created as part of a pan-national project, which will involve the participation of all Koreans including ethnic Koreans from overseas. Citizens living in Korea will be given a chance to participate in the initiative through Seoul City’s website, while overseas Koreans will be selected through recommendations by related agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The city will select a total of 11,172 people.

    A total of 490 people will be selected through recommendations by related agencies from among people from multicultural families in Korea, and expatriates residing in the country, as well as ethnic Koreans from overseas.

    Once the public recruitment has been completed, the characters will be inscribed on stones measuring 10×10 centimeters each to complete the Hangeul Character Zone, which will open to the public around July.