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  • Seoul city to build museum for high-tech robots, AI by 2023

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    As robots become more common in our daily lives, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is building a new science hub to share high-tech robots and AI technology with the public. Our Choi Won-jong was at the ground breaking ceremony.

    From a robot that can help with disinfection at the entrance to dancing robots that can groove to pop music, and even robots that have a conversation with you.

    “How are you, today?”
    “I’m doing fantastic.”

    Six types of high-tech robot were on display in Seoul’s Dobong-gu District at Thursday’s ground breaking ceremony for the ‘Seoul Robot and A.I. Museum.’

    “The Seoul Robot and AI Museum is a place to show domestic and overseas technologies and glimpse at what the future might look like. We are looking forward to seeing people experience high-tech robots and help spread Seoul’s science.

    “It’s not just humans at this ground breaking ceremony. Special guests like this one are taking the lead.”

    This particular robot called “Robo3” was guiding distinguished guests to their designated seats. Some robots were hosting the event alongside a human announcer. And, others were a part of shoveling event to mark the occasion.
    The new museum that will house the robots has a unique design. The circular building looks like a massive spaceship. And, each of its four floors provides a variety of science displays and educational programs for visitors. For start-ups, it’s expected to be a place to exchange new ideas.
    City officials say they are expecting to officially open the museum by July 2023.