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  • Seoul City tests subway stations and cars for MERS

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    Between June 19 and 21, the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Research Institute of Public Health and Environment and the Seoul City Transportation Headquarters carried out a joint MERS-related investigation of subway stations, platforms, washrooms, and hanging straps on subway trains in an effort to dispel the vague feeling of unease that has spread throughout the population.

    The investigation was conducted in the three subway stations that were used by the 137th MERS patient, and six other transfer stations, including Gangnam Station, where commuter volume is higher than that of other stations, with a particular focus on 115 places, including platforms, waiting spaces, plumbing fixtures, train doors, ventilation openings, and filters.

    Following the survey, Seoul City officials announced that no MERS virus was detected on any surface in the subway stations or subway cars.

    ▶ Six subway stations surveyed :
    Seoul Nat’l Univ., Seoul Nat’l Univ. of Education, Irwon, Jamsil, Konkuk Univ., Gangnam, Sindorim, Seoul City Hall, and Seoul Station