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  • Seoul City Supports Migrant Workers’ Korean Dream

  • Integrated News SMG 2878

    Seoul City will start providing employment support for foreign migrant workers who want to change their line of work or have lost their jobs for various reasons.

    The government operates seven Seoul City Migrant Workers’ Centers (Yeongdeungpo, Geumcheon, Seongdong, Eunpyeong, Gangdong, Seongbuk, and Yangcheon) in areas populated by large numbers of foreign workers, including Dangsan-dong and Gasan-dong, and supports their speedy adaptation to life in Seoul.

    Computer repair class, Barista training class

    The centers operate programs designed to enable foreigners seeking jobs to work in a stable work environment by managing the entire employment process, encompassing the drafting of job application documents; collaboration with the related agencies, including employment assistance centers; checking the work environment via visits to worksites, and counseling with employers.

    The Seongbuk and Yangcheon Migrant Workers’ Centers offer vocational training and education, including barista training, computer repair and Korean restaurant start-up classes, as well as assistance with their employment in various fields.

    Korean restaurant start-up class, Korean language class

    Taking into consideration the situation of migrant workers, who have to work on weekdays, the centers offer both weekday and weekend education courses on Korean language, IT and Korean cuisine.

    Medical check-up, Dental treatment

    The centers also provide medical assistance to migrant workers on low incomes.