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  • Seoul City Strengthens Special Protection for Vulnerable Residents in Preparation for Heat Waves

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    Circuit sud de Namsan

    With the summer in full swing as the heat wave warnings were announced starting from July 4, 2019, the city of Seoul is strengthening special protection measures in order for vulnerable residents, including homeless individuals and dosshouse residents, to safely get through the summer.

    The city of Seoul encourages people to limit performance of outdoor activities and to rest at a cooling center when the heat wave warnings are issued. Nurses are sent once a day to take care of and check on the elderly who are 65 years of age or more, the handicapped, and those who suffer from chronic illnesses in order to strengthen the prevention of accidents.

    This summer, Seoul, autonomous districts, homeless individual care facilities, fire stations, and other private companies and organizations will closely collaborate to share conditions when heat wave warnings are issued, as a part of the special protection measures in preparation for the heat wave. The “on-site patrol teams” and “visiting nurses” will be performing activities in order to tackle all emergencies as quickly as possible.

    【Heat Wave Warnings】

    ◆ Heat Wave Watch: forecast of two or more days with the highest temperature of over 33℃
    ◆ Heat Wave Warning: forecast of two or more days with the highest temperature of over 35℃

    Circuit sud de Namsan

    <Operation of 26 Cooling Centers and 3 Shower Trailers>

    Since June 2019, the city of Seoul has been operating 21 cooling centers where homeless individuals and dosshouse residents can seek shelter from the heat waves. From July to August, when the heat is severe, 5 cooling centers will be added to the list to make a total of 26 cooling centers.

    – Cooling Centers for Homeless Individuals

    Operation of 26 Cooling Centers and 3 Shower Trailers
    Category Total Concentrated Areas Other Areas
    Subtotal Seoul Station City Hall, Eulji-ro Yeongdeungpo Station
    No. of centers 16 10 6 1 3 6
    No. of persons to be accommodated 910 810 470 60 280 100

    Additionally, Seoul City is operating three shower trailers at five locations, including the Express Bus Terminal, to allow homeless individuals to wash and change out of their sweaty clothes without having to use other bathing facilities.

    Operation of 26 Cooling Centers and 3 Shower Trailers
    Location Express Bus Terminal Yeoungdeungpo Station Jonggak Station Tapgol Park Cheongnyangni Station
    Days & Hours of Operation Mon., Wed., Fri.; Afternoons Tues.; Evenings Tues.; Evenings Thurs.; Evenings Thurs.; Evenings

    <Once a Day, Nurse Visits Elderly Residents Who Live Alone and Those Who Suffer From Impaired Mobility to Check On Their Health>

    Furthermore, in order to prevent accidents caused by the heat waves, Seoul City has selected, through advance investigation, 118 homeless individuals and 146 dosshouse residents who need special care because they are either suffering from old age or a serious illness. The city is taking extreme care of the selected individuals so as they do not faint due to the scorching heat.

    <Strengthening On-site Patrols>

    During the control period, the city of Seoul will send out a special countermeasure team for homeless individuals and dosshouse residents. The team will patrol the areas in which the homeless individual population is highly concentrated and around dosshouses during the hottest hours of the day while carrying out relief activities when they discover individuals at risk, such as those who are dehydrated, by reporting to 119, bringing them to cooling centers, offering drinking water, etc.

    <Spraying Clean Water & Water from Fire Hydrants>

    The fire fighters of Seoul will help residents beat from the heat by spraying water from fire hydrants.