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  • Seoul City to Strengthen Ozone Monitoring System for Air Pollutants

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    With the approach of summer and its high concentrations of ozone pollution, Seoul Metropolitan Government will be conducting ozone forecasts from April 15 to October 15, 2018 and will also strengthen the monitoring of the warning system during the same period.

    Wearing a mask cannot prevent the inflow of ozone into the human body as it exists in the form of gas. Meanwhile repeated exposure to ozone is harmful to the body, causing various diseases including bronchitis, heart diseases, severe emphysema and asthma, and reduces lung capacity. This pollutant is particularly dangerous to the elderly or people with respiratory diseases.

    Acknowledging the special attention it should be given in summer, Seoul City plans on increasing the monitoring of ozone through forecasting and warning, and promptly informing the citizens on the situation.

    The National Institute of Environmental Research announced that ozone concentration predictions for the Seoul area will be made and announced at 5am and 11am for the day, and at 5pm and 11pm for the next day. If forecasts for the next day are judged as “bad” or worse, faxes with the forecast and response measures will be sent to 121 agencies including Seoul City, autonomous prefectures, and relevant institutions to help them prepare ahead. The information will also be shared online on Seoul City’s Air Quality Information website (http://cleanair.seoul.go.kr). Since 2015, these official announcements have been distributed in English in foreign schools to also help foreign students prepare with the ozone warnings.

    Anyone can apply for ozone warning text messages by going onto the Korean version of Seoul City’s Clean Air Quality Information website (http://cleanair.seoul.go.kr) and filing in an application by clicking on “Receive Air Quality Information through Text Messages”. In case of ozone, ultra-fine dust or fine dust warnings, the information will be sent out to applicants for free.

    Seoul City to Strengthen Ozone Monitoring System for Air Pollutants