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  • Seoul City starts ‘Thank you so much!’ campaign

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    [Anchor] Seoul residents bore the brunt of South Korea’s social distancing measures in recent months, since the capital area is where the cases have been concentrated. To thank the citizens for their cooperation, the city launched a special campaign. Our Kim Do-yeon has the story.
    [Reporter] Seoul City has launched a special campaign to show its appreciation for the efforts shown by its residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    “The city has installed this popular children’s cartoon character, Baby Shark, at Seoul Plaza to put a smile back on people’s faces.”
    Joined by another cartoon character Pinkfong, the statue stands 3 meters tall and is wearing a mask that reads, “Thank you so much.” Around Seoul plaza are signs with QR codes that play a song released by the two characters in July to raise people’s spirits during COVID-19. The lawn of Seoul Plaza also displays the thank you message.
    [Yi Sang-min, Public Communications Division, SMG] “People are tired from the pandemic, but they have been actively following the guidelines, even throughout the Chuseok special disease prevention period, so we wanted to deliver our thanks.“
    [Reporter] Visitors say the residents deserve such appreciation.
    [Visitor from France] “I think the people of Seoul deserve to be appreciated and thanked so much because they are wearing the masks and they’re doing everything possible so that you know we have less COVID cases, so this is really amazing.“
    [Reporter] As the sun sets and people head home after work, the city hall lights up a special color to warm their hearts. These pink lights can also be seen at four other landmarks across the city. The city government says it is planning more events and campaigns to brighten residents’ lives during this emotionally draining period.
    Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News