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  • Seoul City sponsors ethnic cultural events

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    Seoul City said yesterday that it will invigorate the community activities and cultural events of foreign communities in the Korean capital. The agenda includes sponsoring the 2011 Foreign Community Cultural Event, in order to provide foreign residents the opportunity to meet and experience a wide variety of cultures from all over the world.

    The traditional festival of Mongolia, “Naadam”, held on July 11, 2010

    The cure-oriented activities eligible for government support between March and December this year are those designed for the foreign community and those organized by the foreign embassies and civic groups. Seoul City said its sponsorship program will cover 80 percent and up to 6 million won of the total costs of an event, depending on the content and impact of the proposed program.

    Applications for the latest government foreign-community initiative will be accepted until Feb. 25. Details of the sponsorship program can be found on the home pages of Seoul City (seoul.go.kr) and the Seoul Global Center (global.seoul.go.kr), as well as on the websites of the Korea Migrants’ Center and Village Center.

    The Korean-Chinese “One Heart Sports Competition” held on June 13, 2010

    Some of the memorable cultural events sponsored by Seoul City in 2010 were the Mongolian Traditional Festival called “Naadam”, the Korean-Chinese “One Heart Sports Competition”, and the Vietnamese “Migrant Workers’ Night”. Seoul City sponsored a total of 63 million won for 14 cultural programs last year, helping the various ethnic groups to share their unique heritage with members of the foreign community.