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  • Seoul, the City with special support for Women

  • Press Releases SMG 2359

    According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, on March 30th, it has implemented services of ‘Home Security,’ ‘Safe Delivery for women,’ including ‘Scout service for women’ which is to support women’s safe returns late at night to prevent this kind of case.

    The city government plans to expand its range of districts for ‘Scout service for women’ from former 15 districts, including Jongno-gu and Jung-gu, to which the service is applied on a trial basis from last year to the entire 25 districts of Seoul Metropolitan in order to support women’s safe returns.

    The Scout service for women’s safe returns, which will operate for 9 months from next month (April) to December, is the service that the Scouts consisted of two in one group accompany with an applicant till her home.

    If any woman who wants to use this service calls the Dasan Call Center at 120 or her districts’ situation room 30 minutes before arriving at a subway station or bus stop, the Scouts―group of two persons will escort her home.

    The scouts walk around their districts and especially carefully patrol the black spots for sex crimes and the areas near entertainment spots, and report and respond to emergencies.

    For the safety of increasing single female households, Seoul is offering the service of ‘Home Security’ in which women can take advantage of the security company ADT Caps’ service at 9,900 won per month.

    In this service, if there is any trespasser, a wireless sensor would instantly notice, alarm, and report to the company.

    Also, in case of dangerous situations at home, if she presses an emergency bell which is connected to the control center of ADT Caps, they would send security guards nearest from the spot where the accident takes place in order to protect her.

    The government has expanded the range of applicants for ‘Home Security’ service, increasing the upper limit of deposit for lease from 9.9 million won to 12 million won.

    Additionally, the city is operating the service of ‘Safe Delivery for women,’ which helps women use an unattended parcel-box placed near community centers, women’s development centers, and juvenile training centers, instead of facing strange deliverers.

    The government plans to place additional 50 boxes―100 in total (4 boxes in 1 district) ― and provide the services from this May.

    It is free for 48 hours after delivery but after 48 hours, the service charge of 1,000 won will be imposed every 24 hour.

    After providing this service, its usage recorded 108,343 (as of Jan. 31th) and the city will expand the number of boxes up to 5 per district which recorded high in the number of uses, including Songpa-gu, Eunpyeong-gu, Dongjak-gu and Jungnang-gu.

    Jumi Jeon (31), who is using the box located in front of the community center of Jowon-dong, Gwanak-gu, said, “I usually enjoy online shopping, but I was always worried whenever I got the deliveries,” and “After the box was placed, I am now relived to enjoy online shopping.”

    And the city has installed and been operating the ‘Safe Taxi’ service using near field communication (NFC) tags in 17,000 corporation-owned taxies. You can use this service after downloading NFC application.

    It is expected to be popular among women in Seoul City because the service offers all data about the passengers’ in-and-out of taxies as well as sends taxi numbers and when and where the passengers get in and out of taxies to her guardian.

    The head of Women and Family Bureau of Seoul, Hyunok Jo said, “We are operating a variety of policies to make Seoul safe city for women,” and “we ask for people’s interests and participations in the service of ‘Scout-safe returns for women,’ ‘Home Security’ and so on.