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  • Seoul City selects 50 Seoul Bookshops to revitalize local bookshops

  • Culture & Tourism news SMG 1398

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government endeavors to revitalize local bookshops in Seoul by designating some of those which foster reading culture and play the role of a neighborhood cultural space as Seoul Bookshops, as well as supporting the organizations and promoting reading culture programs. A total of 50 bookshops were selected this year, and various cultural events will take place starting in June.
    In April, the Seoul Library received applications through open recruitment to select 50 Seoul Bookshops 2019 through quantitative evaluation of a professional jury. The selected bookshops will be offered the Brand Identity (B.I.) and receive strong support in opening cultural events and implementing various online and offline promotions.
    From June, cultural events at the Seoul Bookshops will take place in earnest. Not only meetings with writers, but writing workshops and educational programs for children, gatherings for enjoying performances, and readings will be held.
    Also, an online channel for these Seoul Bookshops will be constructed and offline media will be used for their promotion, forming empathy among citizens about local bookshops and activating more communication between bookshops and residents.
    Particularly, in line with the rapidly changing environment of media, an ad for each bookshop will be produced in video form to demonstrate their charms, strong points, and the cultural events they organize. The videos will be actively distributed through YouTube, and channels will be expanded in the future.
    The Seoul Library will make and distribute a calendar of the cultural events that will take place at 50 Seoul Bookshops. This pilot project will be conducted to enhance the independence of local bookshops and the support will be maintained to stabilize the operation of the Seoul Bookshops in local communities.
    The first event is planned for June 7 (Fri.) at Dongyang Bookstore, an old bookstore located in Jongno-gu. Run for over 60 years at the same location since its opening in 1953, Dongyang Bookstore was also designated as a Future Heritage in Seoul, as it shows an aspect of the old times of Hyehwa-dong. Starting with a meeting with Kwon Yeo-sun, author of Lemon, at Dongyang Bookstore, a total of 50 programs are to be held until November. The schedule and details of the programs of each bookshop will be announced separately each month.
    For more information about the event schedule of the Seoul Bookshops and how to participate, visit the official blog of the Seoul Library (http://blog.naver.com/seoul_library) or the promotion channels of Seoul Bookshop (YouTube or Instagram). For other inquiries, contact the Seoul Library at +82-2-2133-0213.