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  • Seoul City Seeks Future Vision with the Hangang River as a Shared River and a Driving Force

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    한강의 미래비전 국제포럼 2019.7. 19(금) 13:00 ~ 17:45,서울특별시 신청사 다목적홀 (본관 8층) The International Forum on Future Vision of the Han River

    The International Forum on Future Vision of the Han River was held at Seoul City Hall on July 19, 2019. At the forum, Korean and international policies and cases on ① the peaceful management of a shared river, ② the river and urban water cycle regarding climate change, and ③ the management of river infrastructure for the next generation were presented, in order to suggest the strategy of using the city of Seoul as an international water environment city and the Hangang River as a global river. Experts from Kyoto University and Louisiana State University Center for River Studies, as well as domestic experts on rivers, participated in the forum. Following the presentations, a discussion and Q&A session between citizens and experts from the government, industry, academia, research institution, and private sector took place surrounding the topic of the direction for the development of the Hangang River as a driving force for the future.

    Koh In-suck, the president of Seoul Institute of Technology, which organized the forum, said, “The case presentations made by Korean and international experts at the forum will produce ideas on how we should utilize a shared river. In addition, I expect this forum to become a venue for sufficient discussion to give direction to the city of Seoul and the Hangang River regarding the unification of water management and the response to climate change by the government of the Republic of Korea led by the Ministry of Environment.”