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  • Seoul City runs mobile consultations for foreign residents

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    Tailored mobile consulting service, Consultations on industrial disasters

    Seoul City announced that it will provide a “mobile consulting” service aimed at bringing help, advice and other consulting programs directly to foreign residents throughout this year.

    The mobile consulting service is one of the major “total services” that Seoul City has been providing since 2009. It is intended to help foreign workers, students and multicultural families, who cannot afford to visit the Seoul Global Center, resolve the challenges that they face in their daily lives here.

    Consultations on wage issues, On campus service in a bus-turned-consulting center

    The city provided 54 rounds of consultation sessions last year, helping tackle a total of 9,697 inconveniences and other difficulties faced by foreign residents. Pension and insurance were the most frequently brought up topics, followed by problems related to wages and residence status. The city plans to expand the consulting service into such areas as industrial disaster compensation and the social insurance system (departure, departure costs, injuries and guarantees on overdue wages) from the current advice being offered on issues of labor, law, subscription to mobile phone services and the national pension.

    Lawyers, tax accountants, pension experts and others will be employed to provide precise and more professional advice in areas such as labor, employment, law, pension and other inconveniences that foreigners might encounter in their daily lives.

    The city will also offer its “on campus” consulting service twice a month, from March this year, when schools open for their new semester. Last year, the city turned one of its buses into a mobile campus consulting center and provided students with advice on traveling, shopping and other information to help resolve consumer inconveniences. The city will expand the consulting service this year to cover a total of eight areas, including immigration, house rentals, overseas studying and employment, in order to focus its support on the practical issues facing foreign students residing in the capital.