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  • Seoul City to Run On-demand Night Owl Bus in Gangnam, Hongdae for Year-end Season

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    Seoul City to Run ‘Year-end Custom’ Night Owl Bus in Gangnam, Hongdae

    Approaching the end of the year, Seoul city is setting up and running two Night Owl Bus routes for a limited time starting from 12:00AM December 8, 2017 (expected to run until 3:30AM January 1, 2018). The routes were selected to provide convenient use of transportation for citizens going home late at night toward the end of the year, based on areas of frequent passenger refusal by taxis, number of passengers for Night Owl buses, and big data analysis of taxi hailing and arrival points.

    There is a plan to also add two buses per route for the three Night Owl bus routes (N13, N15, N26) running in the major downtown areas to reduce the wait time in between Night Owl buses passing through downtown.

    The two routes running from 12:00AM December 8, 2017 to 3:30AM January 1, 2018 are numbers N854 (Sadang Station – Konkuk University Station) and N876 (Saejeol Station – Yeouido Station). During that period, they are scheduled to run for 5 days a week (Wed. – Sun.), as well as from 12AM to 3:30AM on December 25, 2017 (Mon.) and January 1, 2018 (Mon.), when a large number of passengers is expected.

    The two routes were decided based on big data analysis of year-end late night taxi hailing and arrival for the Gangnam and Hongik University station areas which have a high incidence of passenger refusal by taxis, and are expected to be a great help to passengers travelling short distances. Not only will the late night bus intervals be shortened on the main streets with high transportation demand, but the existing Night Owl bus routes and transfers will also be more convenient.

    The N854 route will pass Gangnam Station, which has high traffic demand; the Yeoksam and Nonhyeon areas, which have high taxi arrival overall; and the Sadang, Isu, and Konkuk University Stations, which have high rates of taxi passenger refusal. The existing Night Owl routes such as N13, N37, and N61 will also be available for transfer via the N854 bus.

    The N876 route will include Hongik University Station, which has high traffic demand; Eungam-dong, Dangsan, Yeongdeungpo, which have high taxi arrival; and also Yeouido Station, which has high rates of taxi passenger refusal. Transfer will also be convenient for the existing Night Owl routes N16, N26, N62, and N65.

    Of the existing Night Owl routes in service in the downtown area, the number of buses for three routes (N13, N15, and N26) will be increased temporarily for the end of the year.

    In the downtown area, due to high incidence of taxi passenger refusal around the Seoul Station, Jonggak Station, Jongno 2-3ga, and Dongdaemun, routes which stop often in such areas have been selected for an increase in buses.

    Also, routes which serve stops where a large number of passengers ride were selected for an increase in the number of buses using the passenger data from the previous year for the year-end Night Owl buses.

    Seoul City to Run ‘Year-end Custom’ Night Owl Bus in Gangnam, Hongdae
    Serial NumberRoute NumberMain StopsBuses in ServiceDistanceInterval
    First / Last Bus
    1N13Dongdaemun Station,
    Gangnam Station,
    Jamsil Station
    8→1074.5 ㎞ 25~30 min00:00
    2N15Jonggak Station,
    Seoul Station,
    Noryangjin Station,
    Sadang Station
    8→1076.0 ㎞ 25~35 min00:00
    3N26Cheongnyangni Station, Jonggak Station,
    Sinchon Station
    8→1072.3 ㎞ 30~35 min00:00

    The temporary extra buses will be deployed between 1 and 2AM, when the extended service for downtown buses has ended. The interval time for the Night Owl bus routes at this time will be shortened by 10 minutes, which is predicted to contribute to relief of year-end late night traffic demand for the downtown area.

    Starting mid-month, Seoul city also plans to implement an extension of bus service to 1AM for main areas in Seoul, to offer convenience of late night transport for citizens in all areas of Seoul.

    Year-End Custom Night Owl Bus Service Summary

    • ○ Affected Route Sections
      Affected Route Sections
      RouteMain StopsBuses in ServiceDistanceIntervalTrips
      N854Sadang Station, Gangnam Station,
      Express Bus Terminal Station
      338.0 ㎞ 35-45 min6
      N876Hongik University Station, Yeongdeungpo Station, Yeouido Station338.9 ㎞ 35-45 min6
    • ○ Time: 12:00AM – 3:30AM
    • Period: 12.8.2017 – 1.1.2018, 5 days service per week (Wed. – Sun.)
      Period: 12.8.2017 – 1.1.2018, 5 days service per week (Wed. – Sun.)
      Service DatesService Times
      Dec. 8Fri.00:00 – 03:30
      Dec. 9Sat.
      Dec. 10Sun.
      Dec. 13Wed.
      Dec. 14Thu.
      Dec. 15Fri.
      Dec. 16Sat.
      Dec. 17Sun.
      Dec. 20Wed.
      Dec. 21Thur.
      Dec. 22Fri.
      Dec. 23Sat.
      Dec. 24Sun.
      Dec. 25Mon.
      Dec. 27Wed.
      Dec. 28Thur.
      Dec. 29Fri.
      Dec. 30Sat.
      Dec. 31Sun.
      Jan. 1, 2018Mon.
    • ※ Service to be provided on December 25 (Mon.) and January 1 (Mon.), 12:00AM – 03:00AM due to high passenger expectancy

      Fare: 2,150 won (same as Night Owl bus)