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  • Seoul city recommended three places famous for reed beds

  • Integrated News SMG 3134

    On October 29, Seoul City gave its three recommendations for beautiful reed bed spots, along the Hangang (River).
    The recommended areas are Amsa Ecological Park, Banpo Hangang Park and the Reed Wind Path in Nanji Hangang Park.

    Amsa Ecological Park

    Amsa Ecological Park [ditch reed], Amsa Ecological Park [silver grass]

    Amsa Ecological Park is famous for its beautiful walking trail. Reeds, ditch reeds and silver grass form a colony on the river bank. Especially, silver grass is indigenous to this area of the Hangang (River).

    Banpo Hangang Park

    Nanji Hangang Park [cosmos and ditch reed]

    Ditch reed beds grow around the power transmission tower in Banpo Hangang Park. And the nearby observation deck and benches offer pedestrians and bicycle riders a great view and a decent place to catch their breath.

    Nanji Hangang Park

    Banpo Hangang Park [walking trail on the silver grass], Banpo Hangang Park [silver grass]

    On the Reed Wind Path in Nanji Hangang Park, ditch reeds, reeds and cosmos create a magnificent setting.