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  • Seoul City Receives Applications for “Seoul Good Public Design Certification” to Unearth Safe and Convenient Public Facilities

  • SMG 1248

    서울우수공공디자인 인증제

    Seoul City is set to conduct the “23rd Seoul Good Public Design Certification” selection for the second half of 2019, targeting excellent Korean public facilities including benches, trash cans, and fences. The Seoul Good Public Design is a certification made by Seoul City to give to valuable public facilities, from aesthetic, functional, and social perspectives. The applications will be received from August 5, 2019, on the Seoul City website.

    Seoul City has unearthed the public designs that make the city safe and pleasant through the Seoul Good Public Design scheme, in order to improve and manage the urban landscape in a comprehensive and systematic way. From 2009 until now, selections have been made twice a year (in the first and second half) for a total of 22 times, certifying a total of 1,146 products for Seoul Good Public Design.

    The eligible products for certification comprise a total of 19 kinds of market released public facilities or to-be-released pilot products such as benches, trash cans, bicycle racks, etc. The selected products will receive benefits including exemption from deliberation of the Public Design Promotion Committee and product promotion to Seoul City, autonomous districts within the city, and affiliated institutions. Once certified as “Seoul Good Public Design,” the product is allowed to use the certification mark for two years, without the need to go through mandatory screening of the Public Design Promotion Committee when taking orders from Seoul City, its autonomous districts, and affiliated institutions, and can promote the products on the website of Seoul Good Public Design Certification and in the booklets distributed to the autonomous districts and affiliated organizations.

    The application will be open from Aug. 5 until Aug. 9, 2019 on Seoul Good Public Design’s website (sgpd.seoul.go.kr). The online and offline document screening (1st round) will be conducted starting on August 19 (Mon), followed by the actual product deliberation (2nd round) and the final evaluation by the Public Design Promotion Committee. The list of selected products will be announced in November 2019.