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  • Seoul City publishes home rental guide for foreigners

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    The ‘Real Estate Rental Guide’ book, published in three languages, is available at foreign embassies, public offices

    In order to make it easier for foreigners to rent a home in South Korea, Seoul City published the ‘Real Estate Rental Guide’ in three foreign languages, English, Japanese and Chinese. The book is available at foreign embassies, schools for foreign students, the Incheon International Airport, the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), offices for civil affairs at each district and the Global Village Center.

    The book includes residential areas for foreigners, houses for rent, things you must consider before choosing a home for rent, things to prepare and confirm when you sign a rental contract and things to confirm before you move to a home after signing a contract. Also included is a list of 122 ‘Global Real Estate Brokerage Offices,’ designated by Seoul City as realtor offices which have agents who can speak a foreign language.

    Seoul City plans to put the ‘Real Estate Rental Guide’ book online at the Seoul Global Center, the Seoul Land Information System, KOTRA and other institutions, allowing foreigners to read it any time.