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  • Seoul City Provides English-Language Version of its Environment Textbook to International Organizations

  • Integrated News SMG 2340

    Seoul City has translated “Green Seoul cultivated by ‘Hwan and Gyeong’” (collectively meaning ‘Environment’), a textbook used by elementary fourth graders, into English, and will be providing it in PDF format from March 10 to international organizations, international schools in Korea, and foreign culture councils for their use in education.

    Seoul City aims to raise children’s awareness of the importance of environmental-friendliness by providing the textbook to international climate change response organizations, including the C40 Cities Climate leadership group, UN-HABITAT and ICLEI, thus allowing them to use it in educating the world’s children about how to cope with climate change.

    Seoul City decided to translate the environment textbook, one of its own publications, because civil servants from foreign countries, upon visiting Seoul to learn about the city’s climate change response initiatives and environmental policy, requested its translation into English to permit the textbook’s global use after hearing that “Seoul City had published such a book. Indeed, Seoul City is deeply committed to educating children about the importance of responding to climate change and practicing love for the environment.

    Seoul City plans to provide the textbook not only to international organizations such as UN-HABITAT, but also to foreign missions in Seoul (60 embassies), foreign cultural councils (nine) in Korea, including the British Council, and international schools (19), including the Korea Kent Foreign School, for use in environmental education.

    Additionally, the city will post the “English environment textbook” on its English website (http://english.seoul.go.kr/gtk/about/inside_list.php) and the Environmental Protection Headquarters’s website (http://kid.seoul.go.kr/renew/popup/kid_greenseoul.html).