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  • Seoul City promotes tourism through “emotional marketing,” with cultural contents targeting Chinese people

  • Press Releases SMG 1085
    • Chinese creators from 8 fields will be invited, including singer song-writers, chefs, and emoji artists
    • Chinese cultural contents will be produced and released to suggest unique emotions that can be felt while traveling Seoul
    • Spreading “Seoul” related contents aims at leading Seoul tourism trend in China by penetrating into everyday life

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 23, 2018 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced to launch a creative project focusing on emotional marketing by inviting Chinese content creators under the title of “Seoul with the Chinese creators.” The project is the SMG’s cultural marketing program that invites the most trendy and influential Chinese creators to propose them a trip to Seoul. It aims at producing and releasing contents that reflect unique sensibilities of Chinese people.

    The invited creators are divided into eight categories, with one person from each field participating – They include a singer song-writer, a chef, an emoji artist, a screenwriter, a digital comic writer, a photographer, a one-person media creator, and a travel specialist.

    Singer song-writer “Brunoxuan (real name: Peng Xuan),” 27, is the composer of the theme song of Hong Kong’s “web series on Belt and Road Initiative, Zhu Ni Yi Lu Shun Feng (Wish you have a good journey, Jan. 2018),” and Chef “Liu Yujen,” 20, has participated as the chef representing China at the “Kitchen Lab” of Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition held in December 2017. The “Xiao Ha” character registered by the Emoji artist “Hana (real name: Chen Sin),” 37, has over hundreds of millions of downloads, and continues to set more records. Photographer “Sūtíngtíng,” 30, is a specialist who took snapshots for Hotel Shangri-La in Sabah, Malaysia, and Sheraton Fuzhou Hotel in Fujian Sheng, and one-person media creator “Zhuyubo,” 29, is a professional broadcaster selected as the top 10 BJs among Weibo’s popular broadcasts in 2016.

    Other than the creators, there will be participation from the Zhengzhou TV broadcasting team from Henan Sheng in China. The Zhengzhou TV team will shoot the creators’ journey to introduce the charm of a trip to Seoul to the Chinese people.

    Also, the Chinese creators have plans to make the time to produce and release their contents while they are still visiting. Digital comic writer “Dong Xiahui,” 29, and travel specialist “Gu Nai (real name: Zeng Junxia),” 27, and one-person media creator “Zhuyubo” will be recording and opening to the public the every day of their visit in Seoul through texts, pictures (digital comic) and video. Emoji artist “Hana” has plans to create emojis with facial expressions that represent one’s emotion at various moments during travel. The artist also revealed exclusive plans to create characters by using food as accessories, arousing curiosity among the people concerned. Chef “Liu Yujen” will be filming the process of reproducing the newly discovered taste of Seoul and introducing it to the Chinese viewers.

    All eight creators will be enjoying various activities and food during their staying in the city, and will be participating in various activities such as experiencing palaces in traditional hanbok, which is an activity that is gaining popularity for people of all ages, and visiting Seoul’s attractions, such as Gwangjang Market, Gangnam, Namsan, as well as the Haneul Park which is located by the Hangang river, the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (cruise ship), and the Bamdokkaebi night market.

    The schedule also includes activities that are raising the expectation of the young creators with an average age of 29, including visits to other trendy spots such as Hongdae area on Club Day, Itaewon rooftops and the alleys of Ikseon-dong, as well as playful programs such as Horror Halloween and kart racing.

    The program also allows them to learn about the SME’s main policies focused on “urban regeneration” preserving the value of old tradition until the present. It includes visits to “Seoullo 2017,” a sky garden for pedestrians which is built atop a decrepit highway overpass, “Oil Tank Culture Park,” a cultural complex that transformed shutdown oil depots into a space for performances, exhibitions and dining, and “Oraegagae” (ambiguous Korean term literally meaning “old shop” and also referring to the “hope for the old shops to last”), shops that have always remained in the same spot and have stories of their own.