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  • Seoul City Presents the ‘4-year Blueprint for Healthy, Tasty Arisu’

  • Integrated News SMG 3208

    Seoul City has consistently provided “clean and safe Arisu” by replacing aged water supply pipes and introducing advanced water purification and high-tech water leak detection systems in recent years. Building on its success, the city is now set to implement in earnest a project to supply “healthy, tasty Arisu” that improves on the current quality of Arisu, beginning this year.

    The Office of Waterworks of Seoul City announced on March 24 a “Four-year plan to supply healthy and tasty Arisu,” which calls for the provision of diverse services, including the strengthening of water quality management, the improvement of supply systems, and free testing of water quality.

    The city aims to improve the taste of Arisu in the future, striving for more than simply the improvement of water quality, in order to provide tap water that can further satisfy citizens, and to enhance Seoul’s water supply system to the highest level in the world.

    The project to supply healthy and tasty Arisu will involve the implementation of 18 projects in three core fields, namely water quality, supply systems, and service.