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  • Seoul City Prepares Korea’s First “Guidelines on Eco-Friendly Ingredients for School Meals”

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 3101


    Seoul Metropolitan Government has established guidelines, the first of their kind in Korea, which must be followed by all agricultural produce, poultry, seafood, and processed food suppliers that sell their products to schools for the preparation of students’ meals.
    The guidelines systematically stipulate the criteria for the manufacturing, management, quality control, and delivery of the food products, as well as their size and weight. Only products that meet these strict criteria may be used in the preparation of school meals.

    In particular, the city government has strengthened the safety standards for food products that are known to be at high risk of radioactive contamination. According to the new standards, if the radiation level exceeds even one-twentieth of the national limit, the products are not permitted to be sold to schools. In addition, the city has expanded its support for school meal expenses for high school students from low-income families in order to prevent students in need from falling through the cracks of the welfare system.

    On top of all of these measures, Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning to expand its nutrition and healthy-eating education program in order to raise awareness among citizens regarding the quality and ingredients of the foods and food products they eat and encourage them to reflect on their eating habits.