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Issue / Project

  • Seoul City operates preemptive countermeasures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Issue / Project SMG 956
    On January 20, 2020
    First confirmed case of COVID-19 outbreak in Korea

    Seoul Metropolitan Government operated preemptive countermeasures.
     Significantly reinforcing the disaster response system
     Parallel operation of medical and quarantine response systems
     Focused disinfection work in high-risk facilities with
    reinforced management of people who are suspicious for contacting confirmed cases of COVID-19
     Emergency measures to minimize close contacts
     Tentative closure of public facilities

    “Overreaction is better than late reaction”
    “Transparent disclosure of information”
    -SMG’s basic principles regarding disasters and safety

    Operation of 24/7 Emergency Disinfection System
    With active participation of the citizens, Seoul is making all-out efforts in disinfection to prevent the spread of COVID-19

    Providing information via live broadcast on YouTube

    Attaching ‘Clean Zone’ marks on disinfection completed areas
    Seoul is disclosing information about Clean Zones in both online and offline
    for the citizens to easily check and use and to ease their anxiety.
    Seoul Citizen / Employee
    I think it (Clean Zone map) is really good.
    I used to be reluctant to go to public places,
    but if I get to know the disinfection completed areas,
    I will feel safe when visiting those places.

    Clean Zones in Seoul

    – Disclosure of disinfection status of public facilities online
    – Attachment of ‘Clean Zone’ marks on areas where disinfection and environmental inspection are completed
    – Promoting economic activities and restoring daily lives by securing safety

    Let’s stop it together!
    Let’s get through it together!