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  • Seoul City Operates the First Digital Civic Mayor’s Office

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    Seoul City Operates the First Digital Civic Mayor’s Office

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government began operation of the Digital Civic Mayor’s Office for the first time in the world.

    The greatest thing about the digital civic mayor’s office is the large screen size measuring 3.63m lengthwise and 1.67m heightwise that has been installed in the Mayor’s office on the sixth floor of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Building on June 20, 2017.

    By looking at the screen, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon can view the general conditions of Seoul including statistical information on fires and other disasters, traffic conditions and civil complaints.

    Accidents and disasters that occur in the city can be identified in real time by pressing the screen with the hand or making voice commands and staff members on site can be contacted directly to make orders.

    The screen also displays statistic closely related to people’s daily lives including the air pollution index, water quality and market indices while also exhibiting people’s opinions that came in through the civic complaint channel.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government collects administrative big data that includes over 10 million cases in 167 systems, CCTV images from 800 cameras in downtown Seoul and data from civic complaint channels for the operation of the digital civic mayor’s office.