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  • Seoul City opens a website for multicultural families

  • Integrated News SMG 3424

    The Seoul City government launched a website on June 14 for multicultural families in order to provide them with convenient access to information regarding their community.

    This portal site named “Seoul City Hanultari” caters to the diverse foreign community here and is available in five languages: Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and English. The open “fun” site offers information on lifestyle, simple notes on administrative-related needs, and convenient information on living in Seoul.

    • Lifestyle information : Korean-language education, employment/job training, multicultural broadcasting, emergency contacts.
    • Administrative information : foreign registration/nationality application; marriage certificate/birth certificate/death certificate; medical/pregnancy support.
    • Seoul living : major transportation, communications services/financial institutions, Seoul tours, a peep at Korean culture.
    • Open forum : public notices, data materials, Q&A, adapting to life in Korea, multicultural exchanges.

    “Multicultural families in Seoul make up the second-largest community in Korea and so we look forward to us all making one happy community. In fact, this is what is suggested through the website’s name, ‘Seoul Hanultari,’” said Cho Eun-hee, an official of Seoul City’s women’s family policy division.