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  • Seoul City to Open New Exclusive Median Bus Lane to the Public on Dec. 31

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    Seoul City to Open New Exclusive Median Bus Lane to the Public on Dec. 31

    Dec. 31, 2017 – Starting with the first run in the morning, the 2.8 km Jongno Exclusive Median Bus Lane (Sejong-daero Junction – Heunginjimun Junction) is scheduled to begin being used. With the opening of this bus lane, the East-West axis that penetrates through downtown Seoul will be complete, increasing the convenience of public transportation usage.

    With the opening of Jongno’s Exclusive Median Bus Lane, bus travel speed is expected to increase by 31%, from 13.5km/h to 17.7km/h, and the operation time difference will stabilize to within 1-2 minutes, which is expected to improve the bus service.

    For the Jongno Exclusive Median Bus Lane, 15 new stops have been built along this section, with consideration given to demand for bus usage, convenience of subway transfers, and the location of existing bus stops.

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    5 Seoul Bus routes passing through Jongno (471, 710, 405, 701, 9401) were adjusted starting Sep. 15, 2017, and have been using Euljiro, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Yulgok-ro and other roads. The bus lines that go through Jongno to move in or out of the area will not be stopping at some of the Exclusive Median Bus Lane stops. This is a measure to maintain smooth bus flow.

    Seoul City has announced the bus route changes on the Seoul City Transportation Information Center homepage (www.topis.seoul.go.kr) and Seoul City homepage (www.seoul.go.kr), and is also planning to post signs at key locations to continue to inform citizens of changes in locations of stops and other important notices.