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  • Seoul City Offers ‘Cultural Experience of Seoul’ Program for Foreigners

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    Seoul City will launch the 2011 Cultural Experience of Seoul program, which is designed to allow foreigners who are visiting or staying short-term in Seoul to “see, feel, and enjoy” the city, on March 26.

    Hanji (Korean traditional paper) Art, Taekwondo Experience

    From this year, Seoul City will introduce the Seoul Exploration tour program, which is designed to allow visitors to participate in city tours either on foot or by public transportation, on top of the existing Bus Tour conducted by tour guides. It will operate the programs as “customized programs” that cater to the age, occupation and preference of tour participants.

    Kimchi Making, Samullori (Percussion Performance)

    By giving public transport passes to foreign visitors, the Seoul Exploration program will allow them to visit Buddhist temples in Seoul, walk paths and traditional markets that are little known to foreigners, and to conduct missions, including photo-taking, for which souvenirs will be awarded upon their successful completion.

    Mask Making, Pottery Making

    When the tour is over, the participants will be invited to upload the photos they have taken as part of their mission and essays on their experiences on Seoul City’s Facebook and YouTube pages, to spread vivid and lively images of Seoul and share cultural information on the city with other foreigners.

    Seoul City plans to offer 20 Seoul Exploration tours to over 1,300 foreign visitors and ten Bus Tours to more than 500 foreigners per year. For further information on the tours and method of application, please visit (http://www.addicted2seoul.co.kr).