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  • Seoul, City of Tourism and Festivals, at the Edinburgh International Festival

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    Seoul, City of Tourism and Festivals, at the Edinburgh International Festival

    ‘Seoul, the city of tourism and festivals’ is being made known to the whole world at the international assorted arts festival ‘Edinburgh Festival Fringe’ (August 3 – 27, 2018) held in the capital of Scotland in the UK.

    As a festival held every summer at Edinburgh, Scotland, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is making its 71st run this year. Last year, the festival was attended by 48 countries with 3,398 teams who participated at over 300 stages for a total of 53,232 performances.

    Seoul will have its ‘I·SEOUL·U’ brand logo shown throughout the city of Edinburgh. The logo will also be printed on the 1,200,000 booklets that will be passed out during the festival period.

    Seoul will attract European tourists by introducing events to experience all four seasons in Seoul, including the ▴Spring Flower Festival, ▴Hangang Summer Festival, ▴Seoul Lantern Festival in fall, and the ▴Seoul Kimchi Festival in winter, through the promotional items given out during the entire month of August.

    Additionally, there will be 4 national performances including the fusion Gugak(Korean traditional music) Tango and drama in order to introduce Korea’s superb cultural arts to other countries at the Edinburgh Festival.

    Our city has also provided an event to give out Bitna, a book setting under the background of Seoul written by the winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature, J. M. G. Le Clézio, to tourists who come to see the Korean performances.