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  • Seoul City to launch “DMZ Peace Travel” with 100 participants to celebrate the Inter-Korean Summit

  • Press Releases SMG 714
    • – Seoul runs an one-day trip in DMZ starting with a bus departing from Seoul Plaza on 28th(Sat) April, the day after the inter-Korean summit
    • – Seoul Metropolitan Government will recruit the participants on 11st (www.11st.co.kr)from 17th to 23rd of April. Entrance fees (5,000 won/person) are fully donated for North Korean defector children’s education.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA,April 17, 2018– 10 days are left for historical “2018 Inter-Korean Summit”(27th April). The Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization will go on a DMZ tour with 100 citizens on 28th (Sat) April, the day after the Inter-Korean Summit. DMZ is a living vestige of the divided Korean Peninsula, which stands for De-Militarized Zone where military action is forbidden according to international treaties or agreements.

    This trip starts from visiting Imjingak, “Dora Observatory” at the northernmost point of the Military Demarcation Line on the West front, and “Nuri Peace Park, and coming back to Seoul.

    In particular, a history talk concert will be held with a Korean history lecturer Tae Sung Choi as a facilitator at Dorasan Peace Park. The theme of the talk concert is “history of the division of the Korean peninsula and the journey towards peace.”The facilitator will give an interesting explanation about major milestones throughout the Inter-Korean history covering from the division to 2018 Inter-Korean Summit to promote better understanding of the history. After the lecture, participants will also have a free discussion.

    In addition to the talk concert, “performance of sowing the seeds of peace” will be held where participants can sow the various seeds including dandelion’s at Dorasan Peace Park, wishing for peace. Modern Gayageum band “Spring breeze band” will also carry out music performance. At Dorasan Peace Park, a culture tourism interpreter will provide a tour on sculptures wishing for peace and unification and various animals and plants living in DMZ only. Telescopes installed in Dora Observatory clearly show the landscapes of North Korea including Gaeseong-si, Gaeseong Industrial Complex, and Songak-san.

    From 17th (Tues) to 23rd (Mon) of April (7 days), the Seoul city government will recruit 100 participants who want to share the peaceful breeze. Not only Seoul citizens but also the residents from other regions can participate in the program. This trip is part of the 2018 Spring Travel Week” organized by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and municipal governments.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government said that it plans the DMZ trip to celebrate the opening of the “2018 Inter-Korean Summit” and reach the consensus on building a permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula. Entrance fee is 5,000 won per participant. The full amount of entrance fee will be donated to “Korea Hana Foundation” under Ministry of Unification to pay for North Korean defector children’s education.