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  • Seoul City is Partnering with 7 Universities to Save Energy

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    Seven universities in Seoul are participating in the activity to save energy by 10% by 2014. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will be holding a “Memorandum of Understanding” signing ceremony and a ceremony for College Energy Keepers with seven universities (Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul National University, University of Seoul, Seoul Women’s University, Yonsei University, Ewha Womans University, and Chung-Ang University).

    At the ceremony, Park Won Soon, who is the current mayor of Seoul; Lee Jang Moo, who is the Chair of the Climate Change Center (CCC); the chancellors and the vice-chancellors of the seven universities; and College Energy Keepers acknowledged that solving energy problems together is an important project for them to make the city of Seoul healthy and sustainable, and they promised to have each university voluntarily save energy that is used in certain buildings by 10% by 2014.

    The 60 Energy Keepers from each university will be the leaders of the college energy-saving project. They will monitor to check if the lights are turned on in empty classrooms and if there is any energy being wasted unnecessarily and they will report any such cases to the school. Also, they will have a leading role in raising awareness about energy conservation and having on-campus energy-saving campaigns in order to start an energy-saving culture on campus.
    In the process, the Climate Change Center will provide a variety of education and information for the Energy Keepers for their energy-saving activities and will monitor the energy usage of each college on a monthly basis.

    Currently, there are 413 energy-intensive buildings (buildings with a yearly energy usage of more than 2,000 TOE), including 19 universities. The energy usage amount of these universities takes up 4.6% of the total amount of the energy used by the energy-intensive buildings.

    Kim Yeong-seong, the Head of the Environmental Policy Division, stated, “I expect that starting with this agreement with the civic groups and schools on voluntarily partnering with the 7 universities for energy-saving, the universities in Seoul will become learning places that can respond to climate changes and the energy crisis by leading the way in energy-saving activities.”