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  • Seoul City introduces fully unmanned parcel delivery service for women

  • Seoul BroadCasting News SMG 2401
    Now before we get a weather update, Seoul Metropolitan Government has introduced an additional feature to its unmanned parcel delivery service to better ensure women in the city are safe.
    Now starting in 2013, city government has been offering an unmanned parcel delivery service with a local logistics company.
    It allows women who live alone to receive parcels through unmanned machine and pick them up at a time as convenient for them.
    It was introduced to prevent crimes against women as there have unfortunately being cases of robbers, and even worse disguising themselves as deliverymen.
    With the new feature users can also send parcels through the unmanned machines.
    Now the city operates 232 of the machines.
    They’re mostly located in residential areas that are home to a large number of one-person households.

    Reporter : minsunlee@arirang.com.