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  • Seoul City Internet TV to hold a concert with a twist

  • Integrated News SMG 2205

    Seoul City Internet TV has prepared a special concert together with the public to celebrate the New Year.

    The concert will begin at 11:30 a.m. on Jan. 15 at the M Plaza in Myeong-dong.

    Like a regular concert it will feature music and dance; however, the music will be created using smart phones as the musical instrument. Its other unique aspect is that those attending the concert will be encouraged to create their own dance moves.

    The event has been in the preparation stage for the past two months by Korea’s largest smart phone club for working people and a creative dance team. Seoul City said the 20-minute concert though short will be novel and full of passion and energy.

    This concert taking place in Myeong-dong does not have a specially designated performance stage. With minimal equipment, the event will infiltrate and incorporate the crowd in the area and incite public participation through a flash-mob style setting. Seoul City said this sudden surprise type of performance is expected to more than double the excitement.

    It added that this occasion will pave the way for future “fresh” cultural events led by smart phone music and creative dancing.

    The concert will also feature a short New Year’s message and a message of hope for the Year of the Hare. The preparatory stages, the background of the concert and the actual performance can be viewed through the Seoul Internet TV home page (http://tv.seoul.go.kr).