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  • Seoul City to Install Dog Park at Boramae

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will be opening a “puppy playground”, where dogs can run around in an enclosed area without a leash, in Boramae Park by April 2016. The dog park at Boramae will be the third of its kind in Seoul in addition to those already in operation at the Children’s Grand Park in Neung-dong and the World Cup Park in Sangam-dong.
    According to polls conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, a majority of local residents—82.8% in a poll conducted in 2013 and 77.3% in a poll conducted in 2015—were in favor of the construction of the dog park.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government finalized construction plans for the park in November 2015. The facility in Boramae Park will be comprised of dog recreational facilities, dog drinking fountains and benches, surveillance cameras, and convenience facilities for dog owners.

    The facility will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm in March and April and September through November, and from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm May through August. It will be closed December through February.

    Only dogs with a dog license may enter the facility. Dogs must be accompanied by their owners, and minors (13 years of age or less) must be accompanied by an adult. Any dog that is unhealthy or exhibits aggressive behavior will be prohibited from entering the dog park.