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  • Seoul City to improve air quality through crackdown on dust scattering at construction sites in March when fine dust pollution is high

  • SMG 465
    • – The Seoul city government plans to have intensive inspection and crackdown on 491 large-sized (over 10,000 square meters) construction sites in March
    • – Inspectors will look at covers installed for the open storage of sand, water sprinkler system, and cleaning conditions at construction sites
    • – Construction sites that violate the regulations will be imposed with administrative measures and penalty, also subject to re-inspection
    • – If emergency pollution measures are issued, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to have special inspection together with citizens on dust-scattering construction sites

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 16, 2018 – “Seoul’s emergency pollution measures” were issued even 3 times in January due to high levels of fine dust. As temperatures are rising in spring, there is concern that so are fine dust levels.

    In particular, dust scattering at construction areas has a quite high proportion (about 22 percent) out of the entire ultra-fine dust (PM-2.5). Seoul city and autonomous regions will set up inspection teams to intensively inspect and crack down on 491 large-sized construction areas (over 10,000 square meters). The inspection measures will be applied to dust scattering at construction sites starting from March according to the principle that causers are responsible for contamination source.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will set up 6 inspection teams to crack down on 31 large-scale redevelopment and reconstruction areas where demolition and earthworks are underway. The autonomous regions will conduct intensive inspection on 460 large-sized construction sites of over 10,000 square meters within the regions.

    If the inspectors found the violations, executive actions will be implemented including warning, action enforcement order or construction suspension. If the violation level is serious, a fine of up to 3 million won will be imposed. Construction sites caught violating the regulations will be double-checked later on to find out the executive actions are properly implemented. Based on the inspection and crackdown results, follow-up measures such as water cleaning will be carried out at construction areas where fugitive dust is heavily generated.