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  • Seoul City Hosts First Investment Promotion Conference in India

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    Seoul City Hosts First Investment Promotion Conference in India

    On November 9, 2017, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hosted its first investment promotion conference at the Taj Mahal in Delhi, the center of the newly rising economic powerhouse of India. Over 50 small- and medium-sized Indian companies and investment firms were invited to the event. 10 promising Korean start-up companies selected through fierce competition at a ten-in-one ratio accompanied Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon during his tour of Southwest Asia to attract investment from the invited Indian companies.

    At the investment promotion conference, the 10 start-up companies promoted their business through individual presentations and one-on-one meetings (B2B consultations) with Indian enterprises. Participating companies were also given time to sign business agreements among themselves at the event, which is expected to bring about tangible investment attractions. Participating companies signed business agreements on investment of capital, technology exchanges and strategic partnerships based on the results of their one-on-one meetings and prior information exchange.

    Meanwhile, Seoul Mayor Park also introduced outstanding policies of Seoul in the Smart City category and discussed the possibility of exporting Seoul’s policies to India and specific ways of engaging in cooperation with the Indian government.