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  • Seoul City holds an exhibition on the new technology of LED.

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    An exhibition of LED lighting was held at Exhibition Hall B of COEX from November 22 (Thu.) to 25 (Sun.).

    Seoul City and COEX hosted this exhibition together in order to foster excellent business and promote their advance into the overseas market by expanding the LED market and promoting the development of new products and platform technology. This exhibition is expected to contribute to standardizing the LED industry and constructing the infrastructure of the industry in the future.

    This exhibition offered a prime opportunity for visitors to witness the high level of Korean technology in the LED industry. This industry is currently attracting much attention as a new growth engine industry, as well as an industry that will lead the future of the Korean economy, because LED lighting is highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

    During this exhibition, a variety of seminars were offered to help citizens understand the LED industry. Some 58 businesses, which have LED technology in ED components, application products, and lighting products, provided information about their new technology and products via 120 booths.